31 March 2012

Interesting Marketing Case Studies World Over



The Generous Store
Generosity is one of the basic elements in human happiness. However, research shows that just 1 in 10 people experience generosity from others. We would like to help change that trend, by doing something more than just giving chocolate.

For one day only, Anthon Berg opened "The Generous Store". It was the world's first chocolate shop where you couldn't pay with cash or card, but the promise of a generous deed to a friend or loved one. If you did not make it to the shop, visit www.facebook.com/anthonberg.dk where the generosity continues.

Interesting Insights on Frequent Fliers

And stumpled upon this too about Mascots:
" Kraft Foods, which recently gave us a character who lives almost entirely online. His name is Peanut Butter Doug, introduced to plug Kraft's new Planters Peanut Butter. Doug serves as the stunt double for the 96-year-old Mr. Peanut -- also part of the mascot resurgence, thanks to a 2010 refresh, when he got an earthier look and a voice for the first time, supplied by Robert Downey Jr."

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