15 January 2012

Aam aadmi ka 'Mango' phone :P

Since my old warhorse (Sony Ericsson) was ageing I thought of buying a smartphone.

My range was very clear that it was not going to be anywhere over 20K so started exploring, to be honest I was really bored with what was on offer in Android. So I thought of trying the soon to launched Windows Phone Mango based smart-phones, had heard rave reviews of the display and the new Metro UI.

I checked out the Lumia 800 and 710 (This one was in my range :P ) but kind of felt that the 710 was quite a lot of plastic so thought waiting for the Samsung Omnia W. My wait ended on the first day of 2012 with my Impulse getting the better out of me and I bought one.

Needless to say I am a bit surprised with the feature packed phone and pissed with some features of it :)
Samsung Omnia W

Display and UI : Well the Metro UI is a refreshing change form the routine :) 10 / 10 from me. Also the Super AMOLED is at par with Nokia Lumia 800. The keyboard and predictive text is better than Android 2.3

Games: A host of Free and Paid games on the Windows Marketplace  the Xbox Live Companion and games like Breeze and Shuffle look quite cool.

Browsing: I feel that though we have moved on to Chrome on Desktops. IE 9 on WP7 is one of the brightest spots simply AWESOME !! It also offers you both the Normal and Mobile mode so you can save on your data plans accordingly :)

Marketplace: Its got mostly what you need, my personal favorites are Tango, Foursquare (Its way better than BB and Android), Microsoft Research Apps (Academic assistant and Face Swap), and IMDB. Still the marketplace is way way behind Apple and Android, will surely improve over time.

MS Office: Good for viewing and editing documents :)

Skydrive: 25GB of free storage, its awesome.

People Hub & Groups: Its one of the major highlights everywhere and one of the best features of this version of Windows Mango. The groups let you arrange all your contact in a fantastic manner.

Battery: Really sucks! Have heard of an update coming out in late Jan 2012 which will improve the same. The only respite is its battery saver option :(

Camera: I found the Omnia's camera packing quite a punch!! The pics and videos :)

Bing Search and Maps:  Lets be honest you can't expect it to be better than Google, but the search feature is quite good. Bing Maps on the other hand are simply pathetic, same is true for the voice search where it is only able to detect words like 'Help' and 'New York'. The only positive highlight here is the Bing Vision which is an Integrated Text , Barcode and QR Code scanner.  I must admit that Bing vision packs a punch !!

Music Sync: It is done using Zune and I have mixed feelings for it :/ It crashed my computer quite often has some very cool Sync Options. I found the Wireless Sync very cool !!

I would rate the phone and Windows Mango as 8/10. 

Images to Enjoy :) 
My Workstation

Audi Football Summit 2012

And there is a Video too !

Here is a much detailed review of the same, from Phonearena.com :)

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