8 May 2012

5 Must Have Apps on the Windows Phone 7.5

I am just blown away by the windows phone, the interface and its awesome integration with Social Networks have been superb. In addition to all this is the windows marketplace which does quite well when compared to its counterparts. Here is a list of 5 Must Have Windows phone apps, here they are : 

  1) Skype : This is simply the best video call app which is present for the platform.    Download it here.

2) Zomato: If you are a foodie then this one is for you !! Superb location integration. Download it here.

3) Echo Echo:  Echoecho is the simplest answer to the world’s most-texted question: Where are you? It is a very exciting app for close buddies. Download it here

   4) Foursquare : The Windows version of the app is just stunning ! Download it here.

5) Endomondo : If you are a fitness freak then this sports tracker is awesome. Download it here. 
Echo Echo


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