25 October 2009

Cloud Computing App to Help Watch Cartoons !!!!!

Yes u heard it right , how many times many of us might have thought of the irritating facts like multiple media forms like Cd's , DVD's etc  .Read on ......

Disney is all set to launch its technology called Keychest which will allow consumers to pay a single price for permanent access to a movie or TV show across multiple digital platforms and devices - from the Web, to mobile gadgets like iPhones and cable services that allow on-demand viewing, according to Wall Street Journal.

Keychest aims to address the hurdles of playing a movie back on devices other than a PC or laptop, and limited storage space on those computers' hard drives. Keychest uses the same "cloud computing" method that Google Docs uses, permitting users to store files and photographs on remote Internet servers and access them from anywhere, rather than keeping them on their own computers.

This technology can provide the much needed boost to the movie industry. According to Wall Street Journal, DVD sales, have fallen as much as 25 percent at some studios. In Disney's most recent quarterly earnings report, its movie studio recorded an operating loss for the first time since 2005. 

The Keychest process is enabled by a system that generates a unique "key" when the movie is purchased. Movies bought on discs, whether DVD or Blu-ray, could also generate an access key. In the case of a DVD, the user would need to manually type in a code; Blu-ray players are designed to connect to the Internet, and could send codes automatically.

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