26 July 2010

Abhiudaya :Empowering the student community

By the students, For the Students 

What’s Abhiudaya about?
Abhiudaya is about helping and contributing to the student community. Abhiudaya is a place we cater to all the needs of the students like learning aides, tutorials, career guidance .All these from mentors who are industry professionals who have a burning desire to innovate and make learning fun.
We have mentors ranging from Software Developers, Business Analysts to leading Academicians’ who provide expert material helping students understand where they stand and faster and easier learning.

About The Team?
Started by graduates and teachers from Engineering Colleges in Jaipur.
With a motive of giving back to the student community and bridging the gap between industry and academia, they started out on this venture.A platform where Students, Teachers and, Industry Professionals come together to provide innovative learning aides.

How does it work?

Why did we start?
We started because we felt it was a tedious job to find all the content in a given book, another aspect which we felt is mentoring as it helps make good decisions in life.
We presently feel there is a huge gap so we started off with Abhiudaya.

How are we different from the rest?
·        We provide the Best Learning Aides prepared by Professionals.
·       We provide all our aides for FREE.
·     We provide an Interface for students to interact with top Academicians’ and Industry Professionals .

Contact Email : info@abhiudaya.com

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