20 December 2010

Julian Assange on SNL

The more notorious Julian Assange becomes, the more fun Bill Hader seems to have with the character. He interrupted a message from Mark Zuckerberg on last night’s Saturday Night Live in order to demonstrate why he should be Time’s Person of the Year. “Thanks to WikiLeaks, you can see how corrupt governments operate in the shadows.” he said between muahahas. “Thanks to Facebook, you can figure out which Sex and the City character you are.”
Yet despite his sneering, it seems that Assange ended up taking the quiz anyway. “I’m a Samatha,” the alleged lothario said. “But if the Swedish police ask, I’m a Charlotte.”
He also threw a couple of barbs at how differently WikiLeaks and Facebook define “invasion of privacy.” His organization reveals corporate tidbits to consumers for free, while Zuckerberg’s company inverses the equation, selling your personal information to corporations.
But that’s heavy stuff. So we mostly got more jokes: “If you want to make a movie about Mark Zuckerberg, you’ll have to make stuff up to make it interesting,” went his routine. “If you want to make a movie about me, just to rate it R, you’ll have to leave stuff out.”
And so forth! You can see the rest of the budding stand-up comic’s act in the NBC clip below.

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