5 July 2011

BrandBashing 101

Now this comes at a time when I am truly frustrated with the support and work ethics of communication companies like Reliance and Airtel. It seems the only work which these guys have is to dupe and make a mockery of hardworking people.

I have shifted to my new house in Dwarka, New Delhi and am not able to even have a descent broadband connection. I mean can it be so tough to get an unlimited download pack !!

The story of my horrible experience started on 1st June when I applied for transferring my then Airtel broadband connection , and still continues as now Reliance Communication has taken lead and shown why they love to dupe customers and dupe people of their money.

More to come shortly as I explore why communication companies are not able communicate ! 

But Till Then Beware : Reliance Wimax is not dependable at all !  Surely when it comes from the petty sales guys.

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