25 September 2011

Xbox 360 & Media Sharing on a WiFi Network

[Note: This is not a regular walkthrough of the process, anyways its very simple :) If you face a problem get in touch or visit xbox.com/pcsetup ]

I was sort of bored of playing games on my Xbox when I thought of trying out connecting the console with my Laptop so that I could listen my favorite songs and of course watch a whole set of my favorite documentaries on the Big Screen :)

Windows Media Center

To connect a Xbox 360 you just need to follow the following simple steps:

  1.  Create a Ad-hoc wireless network
  2.  Join the Ad-hoc network.
  3.  Now on the Xbox dashboard go to the media center option.
  4. Now enter the 8 digit code  (This needs to be entered on the computer you are trying to connect with)
  5. Complete the extender setup.
  6. Tadaa !! The files are shared, also you can access all media files on your computer. 
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