26 August 2012

3 Reasons Why You are Addicted to Gaming :)

Can’t stay away from playing that nerve wrecking level of Angry Birds or are you sneaking to that incognito window to check those fresh farm tomatoes on Farmville ?  Then you are probably another Game addict :)   In the blog I try to demystify what keeps you addicted to these games.
1: I Gotcha complete this level !
I am sure you must have come across this feeling when playing those mind-numbing levels on Angry Birds
We bet you have this blockbuster on your smartphone :)

2: Yippie I just won the badge of greatness!
Achievements and Badges are also a key element which keeps driving a user to keep competing.
I wanna flaunt this badge !
3: I have to be the Alpha Male.
Peer pressure is one of the key aspects which all games use engage. Just take an example of Dirt Showdown where you can’t resist demolishing your counterpart to appear on top of the table.
I wanna be the alpha male of my gaming clan :)
So here were 3 reasons why I feel we get addicted to games, would love to know more reasons from you in the comments below.
Next up:
How brands are cleverly using gaming aspects to engage with their customers.

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